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Match ticket bookings are now suspended. They will go on public sale later via Toulouse website. There are a limited number of bus-only tickets in the shop.

Match tickets are not on sale yet, but once they are, we can do a group booking so that everyone is sitting together.

We are going for the Centre Basse category, which are good quality seats along the sideline. There are cheaper seats available behind the goals where we were on previous occasions, but we figure since we're going that far, we may as well have good seats. These are normally priced at €55 but as we will get a small discount for the group booking, they are available for members for €52.

We are also organising a bus transfer from Carcassonne Airport to meet the Ryanair flight on Friday afternoon. Bus and match ticket together are €80 for members.

To book either of these go to the travel section of the Connacht Clan Shop at

Match tickets are subject to availability. We may have to get the next level down if the desired ones are not available. Please read the T&Cs before booking.

For more information on this and other away trips, see the new look Connacht Clan Travel Centre.

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