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The Connacht Clan are recommending that all of you Connacht fans left in Galway this weekend congregate at the Salthill Hotel to watch the match.

Some of us Connacht fans are more lucky in our travelling than others. There was a good away support at the Biarritz match though the Connacht contingent at the Quins looks like it will be larger still, with the Connacht allocation of tickets sold out for over a week. However not all of Connacht is travelling, and for those of you who are not, the Connacht Clan would like to nominate the Salthill Hotel as their venue of choice for the home support.

Due to the early timeslot allocated for the match, the Connacht Clan will be there from 1pm. The Connacht Clan have organised for the "Blackrock Cafe" (which is a bar) to be decked out in the Connacht colours, and there will some finger food provided to any Connacht fans who can make it along. Wear your Connacht jersey which has the most powerful good luck juice. 

Question, Queries and Qomplaints to the Event Thread please.

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