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Travelling down to Musgrave is not your only option this Saturday!

Massimo in the heart of the "West Side" will host the Connacht Clan for the very important derby match between Connacht and Munster. Munster elected to reward their loyal Cork fans with one of the inter-pro derbys this year and Connacht drew the short straw in that regard. A lot of the Connacht fans are justifiably annoyed that the match is located so far away from them given that traditionally it has only ever been a short hop and a skip from Galway to Thomond. No doubt that there will be a drop in the number of fans travelling for the match because of the expense involved in the return trip and likley overnight stay.

That said the options are there. The Connacht Clan will be in Massimo from halk an hour before kick off, and there will be a raffle, some finger food (yum!), and of course the match will be on all of the telly's in the pub. Massimo, whose owner is a huge support of Connacht rugby and member of the Professional Gaming Board, has a brilliant selection of food by the sorta-celeb Jp McMahon (of Aniar and the now-defunct Cava), and a great selection of beers as well, so make sure to make your way in.

If you do fancy heading down there is a bus trip organised by a Knocknacarra-based supporter's group, and you should look for details on the Connacht Clan FB page.


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