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  • Below an Acceptable Standard

    Alex Cuthbert knocks on out of the ruck into open play

    Cardiff 18 - Connacht 17
    Rob Murphy at Arms Park

  • Cardiff Blues - Factfile (Part Two)

    Cardiff Blues v Connacht

    Guinness Pro 12 Round 17

    Friday 6th March 2015 Kick Off 19:35 On TV: BBC Wales / TG4

  • Connacht Clan Table Quiz Thursday 5 March

    Connacht Clan Table Quiz

    in association with Ability West and The Dáil Bar

    Thursday 5th Match 8.00 PM

  • Dragons Outnumbered

    Newport Dragons 25
    Connacht 30

    By Rob Murphy in Rodney Parade

  • Factfile - Benetton Treviso (Part 2)

    Connacht v Benetton Treviso

    Guinness Pro 12 Round 16

    Sunday 1st March 2015 Kick Off: 17:15 On TV: TG4 / Nuvolari

  • Factfile - Dragons (Part Two)

    Newport-Gwent Dragons v Connacht

    Guinness Pro 12 Round 15

    Sunday 22nd February 2015 Kick Off 16:00

  • Factfile - Scarlets (Part Two)


    Connacht v Llanelli Scarlets

    Guinness Pro 12 Round 14

    Sunday 15th February Kick Off 12:45 On TV: S4C

  • Forum Rules

    The following rules are enforced by the moderators of the forum. Please follow their directions when asked to amend your posts to fit with the criteria below.

    1. No flaming/wumming (deliberately trying to provoke other members of the forum). This is particularly aimed at those who like to stoke the flames of provincial rivalry. Moderators reserve the right to decide what is and isn't an inflammatory post and will delete anything they deem unnecessary for the board, without warning and without having to explain their actions.
    2. Abuse, of anybody, be it players, people in the public eye, or members of the forum will not be tolerated. Racist comments, sexism and the general use of offensive terms or foul language will be also deleted. Abusive posts will be deleted upon sight of a moderator, again, without warning or explanation.
    3. Posting of images. This site is first and foremost a rugby website. A large percentage of our members visit this site while they are at work, and as such, images that are deemed Not Safe For Work (NSFW), are not permitted on the forum and will be deleted. These included violent or pornographic images, along with "glamour" shots of either sex.
    4. Libellous or potentially libellous posts or links will be deleted and if deemed appropriate will result in a ban. The moderators reserve the right to decide what is / may be potentially libellous.
    5.  Any abuse of the moderators will not be tolerated, and will result in a ban.
    6. In the event of a moderator having to delete or edit a post due to the breaching of the above rules; this will be viewed as an official warning.
    7. The selling of match tickets for above face value, will not be permitted under any circumstances. Anybody trying to sell tickets for above face value will have their thread deleted and will be permanently banned from the website.

    Persistent breaches of the above rules will result in a temporary ban, and then if necessary a permanent ban.
    Please remember all the moderators are volunteers and have no wish to interfere with the discussions in the threads. If everybody respects their fellow posters and their views it will make our job easier.
    If you find a post offensive or think it may be of a libellous nature, please report the post so that the moderators can take action on it as soon as they possibly can.
    We are open to suggestion to further improve the rules of the forum. If you have suggestions, please press the report button on this thread and send the recommendation through that function.

  • New Connacht Clan Membership Structure

    This season we launched paid membership to the Connacht Clan with a fee of €10 for the year.

    Why are we doing this?

    The Connacht Clan has been in existence for four years and in that time we have built up an informal community of Connacht Rugby supporters through our events, website and social media. We watch games together in the Sportsground, the Dáil Bar and all over Europe, meeting supporters from other clubs along the way. We discuss all the latest rugby news on our forum, and on Facebook and twitter. We hold post match player interviews in the Clan Bar after every game and present player of the year awards and hall of fame honours to players past and present. We have our own merchandise, we sponsor players and we raise money for charity. Most of us have met dozens of people over the last few years through the Connacht Clan.

    As it stands however we are still just a loose collection of Connacht supporters, with no real way to track who our members are. In order to progress we need to grow a membership base. The more members we have the more power we have when it comes to doing deals on your behalf, things as simple as getting sponsorship are dependent on size of the membership base. During the past season we opened negotiations with several parties in relation to sponsorship deals, competitions, etc. and the first thing they asked was how many members we had. Despite having over 1000 likes on our Facebook page, over 3000 twitter followers and an excellent and much used website and forum, the answer is that officially we have no members. Zero.

    Lets be clear that this is not just a way to raise money, we expect that we will be able to give value above and beyond the membership fee back to the members who sign up.

    So what will you get for your €10?

    Initially the €10 will get you membership for the rest of this season 2014-2015 and next season 2015-2016. Each member will receive a Connacht Clan Supporters Club pin.

    We will be producing exclusive members only merchandise which will only be available through our website at extremely reasonable prices. We are currently working with BLK to produce Connacht Clan Polo shirts. We will also have Connacht Clan beanies and fleeces and we will look to extend the range offered with members having an input into what items we provide.

    We will provide discounted travel options to our members, beginning with the trip to Munster at the end of March. We have a fantastic members only deal for a return bus to Thomond Park including match ticket for €20. This returns the value of the sign up fee immediately, before the 2014-2015 season even begins! We would be looking to do something similar every year, and extending into other trips.

    We will also hold members-only raffles and giveaways during the year and are already on the lookout to get some member only deals for other organisations and suppliers, including Connacht Rugby.

    The whole idea is to give the members great value for their membership fee, attract new people to become involved and develop a solid membership base. It's important to emphasise that we will not be limiting access to the forum or any existing sections of the Connacht Clan website to members only. Nothing is being taken away from non members in that regard, we understand the importance of encouraging new people to come on board and will continue to do so.

    So finally, how do you sign up?

    There will be a new 'Join' menu item on the Connacht Clan website, Ensure you are logged in first in the normal way (we have added a sign-in box to the main page to make this easier) and then click the "Join the Clan" option on the left of the main menu.

    Fill in all the required fields. Make sure you fill in your real name. Traditionally many people omitted their real name when registering as it used to be visible to anyone who viewed your profile page, but this is no longer the case, so only administrators can see your real name.

    We also ask a few questions about where you are from and your age range. We may share some stats about our membership base with potential sponsors but we will of course never share your personal data.

    Once your information is entered you will be redirected to Paypal to pay your €10 subscription. This will sign you up until Summer 2016. Once you have completed the sign-up, you may need to log out and back in again to show up as a registered user. If you can see the new "Shop" option on the menu, you are good to go.