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Topic-icon Connacht Clan Hall of Fame - Pat Lam

2 years 9 months ago #54853

I think though of those you've mentioned Culk, the only one that is moving on somewhere else is Pat, the rest were retiring, and if someone is going to be rewarded with HoF more or less every year then the most deserving have to be prioritised, if they waited 5 years there'd have to be people in the interim to be honoured and maybe then there'd be a lowering of the prestige as many of the clubs biggest heroes, the likes of Swifty, Eric and Pat have left roles recently, If Muldoon retires next year I'd find it hard to believe anybody would say we should have waited to see if he'd be reflected on as hall of fame material, and don't forget some of those in the hall of fame were long gone from Connacht Ciaran Fitzgerald for example.

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